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The most important thing to keep in mind when planning storage is to make a list of all items to be stored and number them. This includes contents of boxes, furniture, appliances etc.

Items you will need:

  • Locks to secure your unit.
  • Strong, sturdy boxes.
  • Shipping grade adhesive tape.
  • Packing materials such as bubble wrap & newspaper.

Keep in mind:

  • Use good quality boxes and containers – smaller boxes are best for heavier goods and are easier to fit and lift.
  • Label the boxes and containers clearly; colour coding work very well.
  • Fill boxes to maximum capacity so they don’t collapse – fill unused spaces with packing material or balled newspaper.
  • Loose, fragile items such as mirrors, pictures, paintings, glass should be bubble wrapped and stored with edges upright.
  • To prevent scratches, wrap table and chair legs.
  • Cover couches and soft furnishings with cloth or plastic sheets to protect against dust.
  • Boxes can be stacked onto dressers and cupboards – ensure that the tops are covered with cloth or plastic sheets to prevent scratching.
  • FRAGILE: Wrap all crockery individually and clearly mark the boxes.
  • Textiles and books are best preserved by placing a moth ball in each container.
  • Fridges & freezers are to be defrosted at least 2 days before storing. Leave the doors open for moisture to escape.
  • Put heavy items at the back, forming a solid base. Then place items in the order you will need to access, labels facing forward.
  • Stack chairs seat to seat and place cloth in between to prevent scratches.
  • Do not place heavy items on top of soft furnishings as they will leave unsightly indentations.
  • Place table tops facing down and use the underside space for stacking.
  • Avoid leaning furniture against the storage unit walls to allow for ventilation.
  • Stack similar sized boxes together – the fragile ones on top.
  • Clean gardening equipment first before storing.
  • No provision is made for storing perishables and flammables.
  • Store vehicles and boats with empty fuel tanks.

Before leaving:

  • Please give us 14 days notice of vacating your storage unit.
  • Remove all goods before the 1st of the following month to avoid a new billing cycle.
  • Leave the unit clean with the door open.
  • Make a last-minute inspection with the site manager to ensure no disputes over damages.
  • Remember to retrieve your lock.